2004 Paiute Section
Pinewood Derby

Mountain View AOG, February 28, 2004

The cars are inspected and weighed by class and competition group as the days event gets under way.
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Open Class - Click to enlarge Super Stock - Click to enlarge Unlimited Class - Click to enlarge Commanders Class - Click to enlarge
Enter the Pits  -  Cars of every type, design and color wait for their opportunity to show their stuff for the crowd.
The judges evaluate cars for design and craftsmanship

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's get ready to race and cheer!!

The crowd watches for their favorite racers - cheering for victory 
Racers watch for their cars in anticipation of the thrill of victory as race staff watch for anomalies and a clean finish.
Racers wait for their chance to seek glory
Cars are started at the top of the track gaining momentum thru the flat until they trip the computer aided finish line.

And Now . . . Click Here to meet our
2004 Pinewood Derby Champions