Royal Rangers of Southern Nevada

2004 FCF Family Night

Tomahawk Flying Through The Air     "Six Strings" using six fingers     Worship as a family

Doc says, "Think about it"
     "That was really good food"     Considering the possibilities

Backyard camp     "Desert Tortoise" on a mission     Hangin' out with friends

"Stillwater" talking to the boys     Gonna enjoy this     Truly the way to spend a spring afternoon


Friendly competition     Doc "wills" the 'hawk to the target     "How many points is that?"     Jus' relax and let it fly

Ready     Get Set . . .     W O W ! !     "You want me to do WHAT???"     Chasing down the strays

Goood Form     Everybody wants a turn     Did I hit it??     "Did you see that last throw??"


"Six String" leads worship    Now we are all into it     Turning inward

"Welcome Everyone"     Everyone is getting comfortable      Listening intently

Doc has something important to talk about     "What do we have here?"     "The good and the not so good"     "Here is something for you"

"Do you see what I am saying?"     Winding up     "Let Us Pray"



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